About Us

SMT Telecomm HK Limited (SMT HK) is a full service sourcing, product development, logistics and after market support company. SMT HK will present a variety of customer solutions based on needs based market research in cooperation with our client companies.

We will negotiate on your behalf with carefully chosen qualified suppliers on a turnkey basis to provide comprehensive, no hidden fees quotes along with the implementation of production forecasts necessary to meet all timeline and cost requirements.

SMT HK will, subject to approvals, design and tailor the product, labels, packaging, inserts, software, etc. to meet all customer needs. SMT HK provides a pre-production working sample of the product and the packaging for customer review and approval. This careful process often results in a change round(s) before a final working prototype will be issued.

Today, outsourced manufacturing has become an integral part of most businesses. Our job does not end when a product is delivered. We offer field support services such as firmware upgrade infrastructure, reverse logistics, noninvasive analytics etc.  We value you as our client for the life of the products we bring to life with you.